Monday, March 29, 2010

Poetry, Haiku, Limericks

Earth Day is April 22 and 2010 marks its 40th anniversary. This poem is dedicated to life. Plant a tree, make it a truly green Earth Day!

This cars and trucks analogy poem and unique vehicle rating is not as simplistic as you might think.

Mirror of Truth poem reflecting upon past, present and future.

Oscars 2010 poem; Oscar predictions of the red carpet Oscar winners

The luck of the Irish stems from their fighting spirit. This limerick is about an Irish lass that went a bit too far in pursuit of happiness. Hope you enjoy my Irish poetry. Limericks are fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A Poem for St. Patrick's Day about the Shamrock.

The consequences of bullying can be deadly. You should not feel good about tearing others apart. Do not be silent if a bully is taunting you or bullying another.

A poem for Valentine's Day Poem Romantic unable to come up with the perfect words for their love.

A Christmas Haiku for AC's Holiday Haiku Contest of 2009.

A Thanksgiving Turkey Plea. Vegan Delight.

The famous and unforgettable poem, writer unfortunately unknown.

I enjoy writing Haiku. Hope this one gives you thrills and chills:)

This haiku reflects my loves.

Ranee Wright - Associated Content